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Keith Cantor

AmCham Foundation Scholar
Emerson Scholarship Grant 2015 - 2017

From the very beginning, I already knew that things won’t be as easy as it was before. On my fourth year second semester as a Chemical Engineering student, I faced a lot of ups and downs. There were countless days when I questioned my own capabilities and sleepless nights when I thought that tomorrow won’t ever change for me. Indeed the last semester was the toughest five months of my life.

Aside from struggling in my academics, there were other personal problems that tested my strength. I thought of giving up. I thought about of not continuing anymore. But then I remembered every single reason of why I am still here. I remembered my scholarship and the opportunities and privilege that it already gave me. I remembered God and my family. And for a second, I decided to stand up again and fight. My realizations came fast. Giving up was easy but should never be an option.

To my sponsor, Emerson, my heartfelt gratitude goes to you. With the yearly increase of our tuition fee, your financial assistance really helped my parents to send me to a decent engineering school. The allowance that I received every month also enabled me to buy books and pay for our project expenses. I also wanted to thank you for allowing us to experience the fun of company parties and training. I surely gained and learned from them. And also, thank you to American Chamber Foundation for the support and encouragement. Lastly, thank you for paving the way towards my future.

Sincerely yours,

Keinth Joseph P. Cantor

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Technology Institute of the Philippines - Manila